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Tom Thumb Travel Soap

travel is not really top of our list right now. Like most of the rest of the world the most adventurous travel planning we have done in recent months is switching from the usual supermarket to another for a change.

So why on earth in the middle of a pandemic would we launch a travel soap..........?

Like most small businesses, we really research our stuff and the soap is no exception! we spent hours agonising over bottles, pumps and the design of our label.

To my delight, the labels turned up but in a curiously small light package. Not put off, I opened them and out tumbled my gorgeous labels- in miniature- no bigger than my thumb. furious with the printers i stomped off to maria, moaned and chucked them about and realised it was all me. I had muddled my mm with cm- a costly mistake for a small business.

so our tom thumb travel soap was born and it is gorgeous. We love them so much were keeping them as the little brother to the big soap when it goes out later this year. . life and travel will go back to normal and when we do we're readY with our soap!



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